VINYLSHAKERZ aka MIKE RED and his business partner T.O.M. both writers and producers of various hits from the ‘90s and the early decade of 2000, started their music business career in 1994 with their EuroDance band ACTIVATE. In 1997 they founded the group 666 and gained worldwide success with smash Hits like ALARMA, DIABLO, AMOKK, PARADOXX, SupaDupaFly and many more, thrilled and captivated millions of fans around the world. They won multi-platinum and gold awards in several countries and were a major force in the latter half of the ‘90s.
VINYLSHAKERZ is another successful music project from both producers - established in 2005. The first single release was a huge rework of the worldwide hit “ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK”. MIKE and T.O.M. continued the successful VINYLSHAKERZ story with hits like RAINBOW, CLUB TROPICANA, DADDY COOL only to name a few.
Time is ticking and VINYLSHAKERZ are kicking back in full effect. They finally return with a new POP banger after a lengthy hiatus. It’s been well worth the wait.
BANGKOK [bang bang]
is a mighty tune with an unforgettable vocal hook from the beautiful and powerful artist CICI-ROSE from the UK.
CICI-ROSE is a respected Pop/R&B recording artist, songwriter and in demand session singer – Katy Perry being one of many artists she has worked with. More recently CICI has been songwriting for artists and collaborating with DJs from around the world, and the latest track she co-wrote and released on Armada music, has been no. 1 in Poland throughout this summer. CICI’s voice is instantly captivating and intimate with its own unique edge, and although she has enjoyed working for other artists, it is now time for CICI-ROSE to become an established, commercially successful artist within her own right on the world’s stage.
VINYLSHAKERZ and CICI-ROSE have got what it takes to elevate a dancefloor to heaven and make the crowd go crazy. CICI-ROSE’s characteristic vocals and the banging beats from the VINYLSHAKERZ elevate the new single release BANGKOK [bang bang] into a stadium-sized monster.




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